Marine cooks up RuckPack shot for caffeine-free 'combat nutrition'

As an aviator serving in Afghanistan, Marine Maj. Rob Dyer carried loads of pills on patrol.

His buddies did the same, some taking up to 20 supplements a day.

“There wasn’t just a single product where you could get the little extra you need,” Dyer said. “It’s not that MREs don’t have these nutrients, but you have to eat the whole thing to get it all, and often we don’t have time.”

He and his comrades began musing: What if they created just such a product?

Thus was born RuckPack, a “combat nutrition” shot.

“It’s like your ruck – everything you need for the day and nothing extra,” Dyer quipped.

A 2-ounce RuckPack shot contains large doses of vitamins B6, B12, D and C, gingko biloba, St. John’s wort, ginseng, L-Glutamine, chondroitin, potassium, magnesium and calcium and a few other ingredients.

But no caffeine.

“Caffeine has a purpose and works great, but you can’t really predict when you’re going to need it and when it might leave you crashing,” Dyer said.

In 2010, while Dyer was earning his master’s degree in business at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., he revisited the idea. With members of his MBA conference group, he launched the product and its parent company, Noots! Nutrition.

Today, a bevy of active-duty members and veterans are investors and on the board.

“It’s a veteran-owned, veteran-run company that hires veterans and military spouses and helps veterans charities, and it works,” said Army Maj. Dan Ramos, part owner of the company.

“What’s not to like?”

Order at www.ruckpack.com; box of 24 shots for $54.95. Use discount Code ‘GETSOMEFB’ to save 25%.

Patricia Kime is the health reporter for Military Times.

Sara Davidson

Sara Davidson is an ultrarunner and contributor to PT365. She's run 7 marathons and 32 ultramarathons -- including her first 100-miler. This fall she is training for the Marine Corps Marathon using our PT365 Run Plan. Reach her at sdavidson@gannett.com .

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Ernest Zak

about 2 years ago

Love those vitamins, and better still: no caffeine.


Rob Dyer

about 2 years ago

Great write up! Thanks Military Times. We actually don't have St. Johns or Ginkgo in the shot. Have you ever tasted that stuff??? Anyway, the website has all the ingredients for you to check out yourself. Thanks and take care! -Rob


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