HITT it: The Marine Corps' new workout program scores with UFC's 'All-American' Brian Stann

Former Marine Corps Capt. Brian Stann, an Iraq war veteran and UFC ‘All-American,’ gets behind the new HITT workout program. (Courtesy of BrianStann.com)

Marine Corps Times staff writer Gina Harkins caught up with former Marine and current MMA fighter Brian Stann at Joint Base Meyer-Henderson Hall in Virginia.

Stann talked about why he’s gotten behind the Corps’ High Intensity Tactical Training program. Gina writes:

The term “warrior athlete” has profound meaning in the Marine Corps, but few have taken the concept to the extremely extreme, as Brian Stann has.

Stann, of course, ranks among the most high-profile heroes of the Iraq war era. A former captain, he was a standout linebacker at the Naval Academy who went on to earn a Silver Star for leading his men through a grisly days-long ambush in 2005. He then parlayed his aptitude for mixed martial arts into a successful career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the major leagues of MMA.

Now 32, Stann is in peak physical form, as evidenced by his statuesque and fearsome six-pack pose. The All-American, as he’s known among his UFC fans, got that thanks to rigorous conditioning. But as the years have worn on, and his body has worn down, Stann has learned that to keep his edge he needs to work out smarter than he once did.

Marine Corps Times caught up with the All-American on April 15 here at Henderson Hall, home to one of the Corps’ newest High Intensity Tactical Training facilities. Featuring hundreds of exercises designed to prepare Marines for the rigors of combat, HITT was built on the premise that warriors truly are just like athletes whose mission success depends as much on their physicality as their ability to stave off injury.

Read the rest, including Gina’s Q&A with Brian Stann, here.


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