Going caveman: Paleo diet embraces a simpler take on dining

In my training group, 99.3 percent of our conversations center around food.

And lately, those conversations have turned into a discussion about what new kind of diet experiment each person is on.

Our group runs the gamut of foodie styles: vegan and vegetarian, pescetarian, carnivore, bacon-vore and the Whole30 Challenge. We try to keep an open mind and avoid turning our runs into an us-verses-them battle. But really, we all know you can’t truly be happy in life without eating (fill in the blank) food.

This week in OFFduty, we write about a new, old-school diet trend: the Paleo diet:

Fred Flintstone may have been on to something.

With the whirlwind of health crazes, wellness phases and diet trends fueling the fitness fire — each one sporting a hipper name than its predecessor — it’s easy to get burned. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a complex equation at every meal. The simpler the better.

The Paleolithic diet, also known as the Paleo diet or the caveman diet, encourages just that: simplicity. Based upon the diets of our ancestors — free range, grass-fed cattle and organic fruits and vegetables — the Paleo diet promotes the minimalist lifestyle of the caveman, eliminating the processed and embracing the natural.

“ ‘Paleo’ truly just means ‘old.’ It means getting back to basics, the raw materials for life,” says Liz Wolfe, a nutritional therapy practitioner and author of “Modern Cave Girl.” “We are not living in the past, but we’re learning from the wisdom of our ancestors and honoring the way our bodies developed over thousands of years. I trust that vast, millennia-long historical record.”

Read the rest of the story over in OFFduty.

Tell us: What’s your foodie flavor? Let us know your diet style and what works for you in the comments.

Sara Davidson

Sara Davidson is an ultrarunner and contributor to PT365. She's run 7 marathons and 32 ultramarathons -- including her first 100-miler. This fall she is training for the Marine Corps Marathon using our PT365 Run Plan. Reach her at sdavidson@gannett.com .

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