Q&A with Fighter Diet's Pauline Nordin: Nutrition and weight loss advice for a female sailor

Swedish trainer Pauline Nordin of Fighter Diet. Nordin’s diet includes seven pounds of vegetables each day.

Q. While having dealt with some injuries, I gained a bit of weight. Since healing, I have had the hardest time getting the weight off. Being stationed overseas has caused me to have minimal access to personal trainers through the Navy.

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I’ve tried everything from calorie counting to changing my diet as a whole, but nothing has worked. My workout has not even accomplished an ounce of what I need to lose, and time is running out. How can I effectively lose a large amount of weight before driving myself crazy with processes that are not working?

Any assistance will be helpful. Thank You.

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Pauline says:

A. You need to adopt a nutrition plan you can stick with for longer than a week. A lot of weight doesn’t come off overnight; it’s an accumulative process. You got to keep your head high and execute each day one day at a time. It’s truly a mental battle, but being a service member, you already have the killer instinct needed to make it!

A sustainable nutrition plan is one you can see yourself maintain for the long haul. It has to provide all nutrients needed and satisfy your hunger.

This is actually what my concept Fighter Diet is all about. You prevent overeating with overeating! Now, that does mean you will choose only the best options for it or you’ll gain more weight. Basically, gorge on vegetables and lean protein sources, such as chicken breast, white fish, egg whites and protein powder. (Protein powders work very well since they don’t need any preparation and stay in canisters without having to be refrigerated). With this approach, you WILL undoubtedly lose a lot of weight fast.

The other component is working out. You don’t need a personal trainer, but you do need to keep yourself accountable. It’s all about building momentum. Three days of weight training, one hour at a time, is a great beginning. Try to be active in your everyday life.

When it gets tough and you get those horrible sugar cravings, remember: It will taste good for a minute, but it won’t feel good to work it off for weeks!

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Pauline’s fierce fitness credentials: Pauline is 30 years old and stands 5 feet 2 inches tall. She weighs 121 pounds — those biceps measure “12 and a half inches cold,” she told Marine Corps Times last year — and her top dead-lift weight is 265. When it comes to nutrition, she’s BIG into veggies. In fact, Pauline eats 7 pounds worth every day between lunch and dinner. It’s the easiest way to stay full on relatively few calories, she says.

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