What’s even better about scoring a new piece of gear at 50% off? Bragging about it. Head over to one of these daily deal sites and start shopping.


GovX is an online discount site that isn’t driven by time-based deals and offers more than fitness gear. The site is restricted to active-duty, reserve or retired military; and federal, state and local government employees. Once your account has been approved, you’re free to start shopping. The site currently includes 40 brands — most products are discounted 25 percent to 40 percent — though the folks at GovX told us several more will be going live soon.

Geartrade.com “the gear fanatic’s marketplace,” is an online consignment store for gear heads. Buy new and used gear at deep discounts. And don’t worry, if the thought of buying someone else’s already-worn running shorts skeezes you out, know that you can filter the results by new versus used (as well as by brand and gender).

Selling your stuff is as easy as downloading the GearTrade iPhone app (sorry Android users, nothing for you yet) and uploading a couple pictures and a discription. If you’re not app-savvy you can always go the old school route and list items directly through the site. GearTrade will list your item free for a year, and won’t charge you anything if it doesn’t sell. If it does sell, they’ll charge you a flat 12% fee and send you a check for the rest.


The site www.steepandcheap.com wants to get you outfitted without breaking the bank, offering one outrageous gear deal at a time with products typically discounted 40 percent to 70 percent. Offerings include base layers and outerwear from The North Face, Patagonia, Icebreaker and other quality garment makers. But be warned: Get hooked and you’ll give yourself tendinitis from hitting the refresh button all day.


This site makes you register up front, but never fear — it’s still free. TheClymb gives you a couple deals at once, and significantly more buying time than SteepandCheap; each sale lasts 72 hours or until the item is gone. Right now the site is leaning heavily toward snow sports, so check it out before the fresh powder falls.


This one is from Competitor Group, the folks behind the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series. GearBuzz is similar to Groupon, where you purchase a coupon or voucher for each deal, not the actual product. After the purchase, GearBuzz will send you an email with redemption instructions. These deals are ideal to give as gifts, since it takes the size and color decisions out of your hands and leaves them up to the recipient. New deals start weekly, and up for about 2 weeks or until they sell out. Sign up — for free — to receive the weekly deal emails.


This is the IKEA of daily deal gear sites. It has just about everything you could want, and will probably leave you overwhelmed and craving Swedish meatballs (oh wait … that really is Ikea). Cleansnipe aggregates several daily deal sites (Steepandcheap, Bonktown, Chainlove and WhiskeyMilitia) in one place, which makes it even easier to spend all your money on technical gear. All deals are 40 percent off or better. Best of all, the site will let you set up price alerts on specific items, if you’re patient enough to wait.