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Tests find some protein supplements contain lead, cholesterol

Protein powders and shakes can boost an athlete’s intake of a vital building block for muscle growth and repair. But a new report from ConsumerLab.com is warning consumers that some supplements it tested in a recent study contain less of the good stuff – protein – and more bad ingredients such as cholesterol and carbohydrates than are listed on the label.

ConsumerLab tests health and nutrition products for its membership community. In a recent test of 17 protein powders and drinks, 70 percent of those tested were accurately labeled but five had problems ranging from lead contamination to high levels of carbs, cholesterol and calories.

“Some protein powders come with unwanted surprises,” Dr. Tod Cooperman, president of ConsumerLab, said in a company statement.

Athlete profile: Navy Cmdr. Darren Wall's 34 pound weight loss — and perfect PRT score

Cmdr. Darren Wall, 43, (shown in January, left) is now 34 pounds lighter.

On Jan. 1, Navy Cmdr. Darren Wall, 43, weighed 204 pounds. He set a goal to lose weight — at least 20 pounds from his 6-foot frame — and earn a perfect score on his next physical readiness test.

A perfect score is 300. To get to that, a 43-year-old man would have to bust out 92 situps and 72 pushups, and complete the 1.5-mile run in under 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

For his fall PRT, Wall performed the minimum situps and pushups to get 100 points on each, but ran the mile and a half in 11:08. His total score was 290.

On May 20 — 34 pounds lighter — he tried again.